Visual Studio and Github


Visual Studio and GitHub, better together

Use GitHub and Visual Studio streams to bring your resource control and CI/CD workflows closer to your code. Github support is now built into Visual Studio.

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Seamless integration with Github

To create a warehouse, verify your identity in your or GitHub corporate account and send your initial transactions to the GitHub completely through Visual Studio.

Learn how to use Github with Visual Studio


Copy and write code from IDE

Browse your Github warehouses and copy your warehouse to your local machine to start processing and sending.

Using git in Visual Studio


Create and send new tanks

Get the local code in one step and send it to a new storage unit on the GitHub. Visual Studio performs local and remote storage creation. You can even select an app to make the tank completely private.


Create, prepare and process branches

Create a branch from the status bar and switch between branches. Go view your changes with the tool window, prepare the files you want to process, and process them.




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