The Importance of Your GitHub Profile and Recommendations for Improving It

The Importance of Your GitHub Profile and Recommendations for Improving It

The Importance of Your GitHub Profile and Recommendations for Improving It

In this post, we discuss the secrets of the GitHub world

For this, first of all;

– Talk about what GitHub is,

– will focus on the stages of a standard recruitment process and the function of GitHub that occurs at these stages,

– GitHub will list our recommendations for your profile

– and finally we will talk about how you can use GitHub as a toolbox.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a social media platform where you showcase your work using proglamming tools and technologies. The GitHub platform, which is mainly used by programmers, is a widely used site for creating portfolios.
So why do we need GitHub?

In order to explain this, we must first understand the standard recruitment process involving programmers.

Job Application of Programmers

Your applications are reviewed in three stages. These are the ones that are going to Linkedin is your resume and GitHub (or your own portfolio site that functions the same).

On Linkedin and resume, you need to tell us about your projects and the technologies you use in them. You should definitely put GitHub links to these projects and works you are describing. For example, a human resources professional looking for an employee who knows JavaScript or React searches your resume. Specifying this on your resume allows the human resources specialist to match you to the relevant position and move on to the next stage. After this stage, the human resources specialist; GitHub, which includes applications for searched programming languages and tools, sends your link to the technical team of the department where the position is located.

The technical team evaluating the job applications of the institutions seeks competencies in some programming tools and languages when employing programmers. They look at experience as one of the ways to understand it. Although the time unit stands out when looking at the experience, it is actually the skills acquired by the candidate that is tried to be understood by the institutions.

Potential Function of Your GitHub Account

Potential Function of Your GitHub Account

At this stage, your GitHub profile, which you link to your Linkedln account, is a very convenient tool so that you can show the other party in a provable way that you have the qualifications you are looking for.

Your GitHub profile, Linkedin account, and resume must contain examples of apps that show the knowledge and skills you’ve declared. It is very important that you clearly explain the functions, outputs, objectives and role of the projects you include in the project. Someone who enters your GitHub profile should be able to see the context of the projects you’re involved in and your role in that context.

JavaScript knowledge, for example, is the most important skill area for a Frontend programmer because you run everything with JavaScript. Therefore, the Frontend programmer’s JavaScript knowledge must be well organized and presented on the GitHub account. To do this, you can write down what you’re doing and why by putting comments in lines of code in the work you put in your profile, and be sure that your JavaScript information has been forwarded to the other party.

Through this platform, where you can provide your knowledge and skills to institutions in a confirmable way;

– What projects you do,

– What technologies do you know,

– What projects and technologies you are interested in,

– You can show proof of how long you work on programming languages and tools.

Recommendations for Improving Your GitHub Profile

In the first place, you need to show that your GitHub account is a live, living account. Many programmers appear as AFK on GitHub even though they are actively working. You should place basic information about yourself in your GitHub profile. To do this, you must create a ‘ReadMe’ file on GitHub where you describe yourself. Creating this section creatively will be of interest to the person or institutions examining it. As we mentioned in our portfolio article, it is a sought-after feature that portfolio contents are original. So it’s important that your GitHub profile, a portfolio tool, is also authentic.

In addition, having a photo of your choice instead of an auto-assigned profile photo will reinforce the impression that your profile is a live account.

One of the common mistakes when creating GitHub content is that the person’s knowledge and skills are not visible and understandable. The persuasiveness of your content depends on the level of accessibility and comprehension of your profile. Someone who enters your profile should be able to easily see your work without getting lost in your account. As a result, you should make sure that there is a profile layout where the institution official who enters your profile during the recruitment process can see all your knowledge and skills.

“On your GitHub profile; You should include your accounts on social media platforms based on programmes such as Linkedln and Hacker Rank and Stack Overflow.”

Additionally, the presence of programmers you follow on GitHub; indicates that you are actively, functionally and socially using this platform. The way your account has an interactive view in this way will make it remarkable.


In addition, it will be very useful for you to demonstrate your characteristics as a programmer by having studies that you like to make appear on your GitHub profile so that the people who enter your profile know about the projects and studies you are interested in.


The calendar/statistics section at the bottom of the GitHub profile is the area where you, as a programmer, are clearly expressed in numbers. The lack of interaction in this section for a long time will raise questions about your hard work and productivity. You can process work that you’ve just started, that you’re not sure about going on or liking, to GitHub without sharing it with anyone (private). Your work in secret will also contribute to creating a hardworking, productive programmer’s image as the frequency of work is processed into your calendar. When you think your work is ready to share, you can declassify it and include it in your profile. That’s why you should make time for your GitHub profile.


You can visually place familiar technologies, programming languages, and tools in your GitHub profile using icons/gifs. In doing so, you should make sure that your visualizations are done in a way that someone who enters your profile can easily see.


Even your familiarity with tools such as Slack, Trello, Discord, which many institutions use for communication and organization purposes, can make a difference. Because some companies use these tools intensively. Therefore, knowing them, even actively using them itself, becomes an advantage. Another point to consider is that your GitHub profile includes visualizations that let you know that you know these tools.

If there are non-governmental organizations that you contribute to and volunteer with, having links to them on your profile will strengthen your hand in both telling yourself and creating a positive outlook.

As we said at the beginning, when creating the GitHub profile, the main thing is to place the projects and work you put in a pattern that makes it clear what you know. Other ways to do this are to pin the important ones from your work, present them in a separate folder, or put them in the ‘readme’ section.

You can also use your GitHub profile to create literature about the blog function or any content. For example, you can place information about JavaScript so that your account can also become a resource. We encode the GitHub account is also such an account.

GitHub as a Toolbox

GitHub as a Toolbox

The functions that GitHub carries for a programmer are not limited to making it easier to find work. You can also turn your GitHub profile into a toolbox.

If you save all the changes you make to the GIT file step by step to ‘commit’ to your GitHub profile, they will be saved as ‘commit’; becomes a functional resource that you can use in your new work. You can use this effectively by naming the branches on GitHub and placing ‘commits’ in an understandable way. In addition, your effective use of your profile in this way formally demonstrates your dominance of GIT.

So GitHub; as a programmer, it can become a personal resource where you can easily see the actions you do or the solutions you produce about some problems. As a programmer, you can turn any work you leave behind into a toolbox that you’ll use to perform your future projects.

In light of the recommendations we share, we’ll use GitHub to; you can use it both as a demonstration/performance area and as a toolbox to convince institutions of your skills.

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