Rancher Desktop Github

Rancher Desktop Github

Rancher Desktop Github

Rancher is an open-source platform for managing containerized applications, and it provides a web-based UI for managing the applications and their infrastructure. Rancher Desktop is a GUI for Rancher, it provides a more user-friendly experience for interacting with the Rancher platform.

Rancher Desktop is not available as a standalone application, however, it is integrated into the Rancher web-based UI. Rancher’s source code is available on GitHub under the Rancher Labs organization. You can find the Rancher’s GitHub repository here: https://github.com/rancher/rancher

You can use Rancher to deploy, manage, and monitor your containerized applications on any infrastructure, whether it’s on-premises, public cloud, or edge. It’s easy to get started with Rancher, you can install it on your own infrastructure, or you can use Rancher’s managed service, Rancher Cloud.

It’s important to note that Rancher is a powerful platform that can be used to manage a large number of containers, so it’s recommended to have some knowledge about containerization and how to use Rancher before getting started with it.

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