Permanent Github Authentication

To avoid having to enter your token every time you interact with a GitHub repository in VSCodium, you can configure Git to remember your authentication state by using a credential helper. Here’s how you can set it up:

1 Open a terminal in VSCodium.

2 Set up the credential helper by entering the following command:

git config –global credential.helper store

This command configures Git to use the “store” credential helper, which will store your credentials in a plain text file on your local system.

3 Next, you need to provide your credentials once to store them. Execute any Git command that requires authentication, such as:

git pull

You will be prompted to enter your GitHub username and personal access token. After entering them, Git will store your credentials in the specified file.

4 From now on, Git should remember your authentication state, and you won’t be prompted for your token every time you interact with a GitHub repository.

Note: Storing your credentials in a plain text file has security implications, as anyone with access to that file can retrieve your credentials. Ensure that you take appropriate precautions to protect your credentials and restrict access to the file.

Alternatively, you can use a more secure credential helper, such as the Git Credential Manager, which encrypts and securely stores your credentials. You can install and configure it according to the documentation provided by the Git Credential Manager project.

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