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    Multi-account use with Github Desktop

    Multi-account use with Github Desktop 1
    Multi-account use with Github Desktop

    Github is the most used version control system for open source project development. As a team, we use it for everything from project development to track and star-deliver projects we love. So if we have more than one github account, how do we manage them?

    Github is using ssh key by default for the authorization process, which is to get to know us. We don’t have a chance to add the same ssh to multiple github accounts. Of course, we can create multiple ssh keys on one computer and use them in github. But this time, we’re going to have to deal with managing them in our local system. It’s not unworkable, but it’s too much work.
    Github desktop

    The easy way is to use github desktop. With this tool, which is Github’s official clit and is originally developed for those who have just met git-like version control systems, we can do things directly through http without using ssh keys.

    Multi-account use with Github Desktop

    Once we have created and introduced our repo to our second account with this tool, we can now use it from the command line. When we say go push, github asks us for our username password. We can use our second account here.

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