github desktop questions and answers

Is it possible to show more than 6 languages for a repo?

github desktop questions and answers

GitHub Desktop has a limit of displaying a maximum of six languages for a repository in its user interface. This limit is set to ensure a clean and concise presentation of the repository’s primary programming languages.

If a repository contains more than six languages, GitHub Desktop will group the remaining languages under an “Others” category. This category represents the cumulative sum of all the languages that are not among the top six.

While GitHub Desktop may not display all the individual languages beyond the top six, you can still access and interact with the repository as you normally would. The limitation primarily affects the visual representation of language usage within GitHub Desktop’s user interface.

To view the complete breakdown of languages for a repository, including languages beyond the top six, you can visit the repository’s page on the GitHub website. On the repository’s main page, scroll down to the section titled “Languages” to see a comprehensive list of all languages detected in the repository, along with the percentage of code written in each language.

Keep in mind that GitHub Desktop is regularly updated, so it’s possible that future versions may introduce changes or enhancements to the language display feature. It’s recommended to consult the official documentation or release notes for the most up-to-date information on GitHub Desktop’s features and limitations.

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