Github Desktop Windows Install


Let’s download Github Desktop from this link first

Github Desktop Download:

Github Desktop Windows Installation


Then, do the installation process. At the end of the setup process, you will get a screen where you can choose a file path. From here we choose which file to keep on your github repo, your computer. Once you’ve selected that, you’ll need to match your github account. Here you can easily match by logging into github from your browser.

And you’re ready to use Github Desktop.


If we have completed the installation, we can now learn to use the program. Now, in general, the program is divided into 2 main sections. The first section is the red-framed section on the left, where you can view your repo and files. The large yellow-framed section on the right is the part where you see what you can do according to the repo you choose. The important step here is to keep your repo in the file path that it gave you in the first place. Github detects your files according to that path.

Github Desktop Windows Installation finished

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