GitHub Desktop Linux, Ubuntu desktop with GitHub


Download and Install GitHub Desktop Linux ( GitHub Desktop, Ubuntu desktop with GitHub )

To get started, we will do this program to download the .deb package that you willinstall. For this we can visit the newsletters page , oruse wget in the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) as follows

download deb package

sudo wget

When the download process is finished, we just need to go to the folder where we saved the downloaded file and double-click on it to install it from the Ubuntu software option. We can also open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and use the following installation command:

install application

sudo dpkg -i GitHubDesktop-linux-2.8.1-linux2.deb

A quick look at the program

If the GitHub Desktop application is installed correctly, we should be able to find it on our computer program launcher.

application launcher

When the application is first opened, the following window will open.

start github desktop

If you have an account on, click the ‘button’sign in to‘and if you have a GitHub Enterprise account,’ clickonGitHub Enterprise.

If you are new and want to create an account, click on the link ‘Create your FREE Account‘. If you do not want to access or create an account, click on the link ‘Skip thisstep‘. ‘Createyour FREE Accountif we click onit’, the following page will appear in the browser.

create free account

Once we have provided the current information on the form, we will only have to verify the account via email that they will send us.

Authorize reference

authorize the application

The page to display shows four features of the application for authorization:

  • To access a GitHub account from the Ubuntu desktop using the GitHub desktop development app the GitHub Desktop app.
  • stores stores can be public or private.
  • User personal data fully accessible via GitHub Desktop.
  • The workflow will update the GitHub file that is updated locally in the workflow.

If we click the button Authorizedesktop these four functions will be enabled for our GitHub account, so we can use them with the use of GitHub Desktop. .

allow application

The following pop-up window will appear and ask permission for: allow to open the x-github-desktop-dev-auth connection.

select an app

We will have to press the button select the application to select the desktop application GitHub Desktop and click on the openlink.

Jam Git

Now, if we reopen the installed GitHub Desktop application, the following form will appear to configure Git.

git configuration

The username and email address of the GitHub account that we created when we created the GitHub account will appear here. . This information will appear automatically if everything is configured correctly. After that, ‘Finish‘.

Launch the app

github desktop work

If the GitHub desktop is installed and configured correctly in Ubuntu, a window like the one above will appear. In addition, we will find a menu bar at the top of the application window to perform different types of tasks related to stores.

github desktop options

GitHub Desktop can be a very useful app for GitHub users. This will help to easily control all the tasks related to the warehouse. Users who want to know more about this project can use the project’s GitHub repository.


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