github desktop ssh 1

Github Desktop SSH

github desktop ssh 1

Github Desktop SSH

We’ll do our example in a Windows environment.

First, we install the Go app on our computer using the link address below;
Since there is no point in setting up the program that we need to be aware of, we are completing the installation according to the default settings.

Files related to ssh in Windows are located under the appropriate user in the Users folder as the.ssh folder. This folder does not exist because we are doing our sample from scratch.

To create the .ssh folder and related files, the Go Bash application is run.

After the console application is opened, the following command is entered;
ssh-keygen-t rsa
Once he has executed this command, he will ask for some information from us. You can leave them blank.

the folder was created when we checked if the.ssh folder was created. There are two files under the folder named id_rsa and

When we try to get the relevant project through Github, we receive the following error: : Permission denied (publickey).
Fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

The explanation for this error is that the files we have created do not have a response to our Github account.

Otherwise, a file named known_hosts is created in the .ssh folder. This is done automatically.

Finally, we’ll add a key to our Github account.

github desktop ssh

By clicking on the New SSH Key button, we enter the key insertion page. In this section, you can add information about why we created the key to the section labeled Title. In Key, we copy and save the contents of the file that we created in the .ssh folder.

When we try to get the project back through Github, this time the process will be successful.

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