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GitHub Desktop is not officially available as a snap package. Snap is a package manager for Linux that allows you to easily install and manage software on your system. It provides a way to distribute software in a self-contained and secure format, but it’s not officially supported by GitHub.

However, you can still use GitHub Desktop on Linux by downloading the .deb package from the official website or using the AppImage package, both can be found on the GitHub Desktop website.

You can install the package by running the following command:

sudo dpkg -i <package-name>.deb



sudo apt install ./<package-name>.deb

It’s worth noting that while you can run GitHub Desktop on Linux using the above methods, it’s not officially supported by GitHub and it may have some limitations or bugs.

Additionally, as an alternative, you can use other Git client on Linux like GitKraken, SourceTree, etc. they have versions for Linux and they’re available as snap packages, which allows easy installation and update management on Linux.

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