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    Github Desktop M1

    Github Desktop M1

    GitHub Desktop is a user-friendly desktop application that allows you to interact with your GitHub repositories. It is generally designed to work with Intel-based processors, however, it should also work with Apple M1-based processors, which are used in the latest Mac computers.

    GitHub has announced that GitHub Desktop is now fully compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) based computers. If you’re running a Mac with an M1 chip, you should be able to download and use the latest version of GitHub Desktop from the GitHub website without any issues.

    It’s important to note that if you’re running an older version of GitHub Desktop on an M1-based Mac, you may encounter issues. In this case, you should update to the latest version of GitHub Desktop to ensure that it is compatible with your computer.

    It is also possible that some features or functionalities might not work as expected in the M1-based systems, in that case, you should check the GitHub Desktop’s documentation or contact the GitHub support.

    Please also note that, if you are running in a Rosetta 2 emulation environment, performance might be impacted and some features might not work as expected.

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