Github Accounts for Finance coding SAS/R/Python ?

There are several GitHub accounts that specialize in finance coding using SAS, R, and Python. These accounts provide repositories with code examples, libraries, and projects related to finance and data analysis. Here are a few notable GitHub accounts you can explore:

Quantopian: Quantopian is a community-driven platform for algorithmic trading and quantitative finance. They have a GitHub account ( where you can find various repositories containing code examples, tutorials, and libraries related to quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.

r-quant: The r-quant GitHub account ( focuses on R programming for quantitative finance. It provides a collection of repositories with code examples, packages, and resources for financial data analysis, modeling, and trading strategies.

Finance-and-Coding: The Finance-and-Coding GitHub account ( offers repositories covering a range of finance-related topics, including SAS, R, and Python. It provides code examples, projects, and libraries for financial analysis, risk modeling, and investment strategies.

QuantLib: QuantLib is an open-source library for quantitative finance written in C++, but it also has bindings for other languages, including Python and R. The QuantLib GitHub account ( hosts the repository for the QuantLib project, where you can find the source code and examples for utilizing the library in various programming languages.

These GitHub accounts serve as valuable resources for finance coding and can provide you with a wealth of code samples, libraries, and projects to enhance your work in SAS, R, and Python within the finance domain.

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