Git Windows Install

git windows install

Windows Git Install

We need to download the necessary file for installation on Windows from the official web page.
For this, we click on


As you will see on the page that opens, you can see that installation files are available not only for Windows, but also within other operating systems. But when you look at the other titles, you’ll notice that it’s not necessary. Now on the right side we start the download process to the “Download 2.25.1 for Windows” button to download the installation file suitable for our operating


The download must start automatically. Otherwise, you can start downloading the file by clicking on the link “Click here to download manually”. At this stage, we expect the program to be downloaded successfully. When the download is complete, you need to run the program.


If your user account control settings are turned on, you will see such a window. At this stage, we need to confirm that the transaction was carried out by us. We allow processing by selecting the “Yes” option.


In the first stage of installation, we are greeted by a “GNU General Public License” license. By clicking on the “Next” button, we proceed to the next stage.


At this stage, we need to specify the directory where Git will be installed. If you are not going to choose a different directory,we proceed to the next stage with the “Next” button.


If there are extra components that you want to install at this stage, we choose at this stage. We pass this stage with the “Next” button.


This stage also asks us to specify the directory necessary for the creation of short paths in the start menu. If we don’t want to change it, we’re going to go to the next stage.


If there is an editor that we use by default, we need to mention it here. I chose “Use Visual Studio Code as Git’s default editor” because I use Visual Studio Code by default. If you’ve made that choice, let’s move on to the next phase.


Here we determine how to use Git. The recommended option is “Go from the command line and also from 3rd-party software”. Thanks to this option, we can use the “Go Bash” program or the Go commands with the “Cmd” (prompt) window. To do this, the Git array must be added to the environment variables.


At this stage, we need to choose the method we will link to.


At this stage, we need to choose the end-of-line style. We are asked to choose because this style may vary depending on the operating system. But the default option works.


At this stage we specify the terminal that Git Bash will use.


Here are extra settings for using Go. With the default options, we start the installation process by pressing the ” Install” button.


After waiting a while, the installation process will be completed.


Setup completed successfully. From now on, we need to check if Git is working successfully.


For this we find and run the shortcut “Go Bash” from the”Start” menu.


In the window that opens, we follow the command below.

git version

As the picture shows, if it provides information about the Git version after you apply the command, everything is fine.

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