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Github Desktop Download

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You can download stable latest version from official websites.

You can also review our previous articles for information about installation.   

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What is GitHub

GitHub is considered an important tool for software engineers and its popularity is unrivaled. It currently hosts more than 25 million users. This means a large number of professionals turning to GitHub for workflow and collaboration improvements.

In short, GitHub is a cloud-based service that hosts a version control system  called Git. It allows developers to collaborate and make changes to partner projects while following their progress in detail.

To better understand what GitHub is and how it works, we need to dig deeper. First we have to find out what version control is.

Git is an open source project launched in 2005 that has become one of the most popular VCSs on the market. More than 87% of developers use Git for their projects.

It is a distributed version control system. That is, any developer on the team granted access can manage source code and change history using the Git command line tools.

Git offers feature branches, unlike centralized version control systems. This means that each software engineer on the team can reserve a feature branch that provides an isolated local repository to make changes to the code.

Property branches do not affect the parent branch where the original project code is located. Once the changes have been made and the updated code is ready, the property branch can be combined with the major, so that the changes made to the project become active.

If Git is the heart of GitHub, Hub is his soul. The hub on GitHub, like Git, translates the command line into the largest social network for developers.

In addition to contributing to a specific project, GitHub allows users to socialize with people who agree with them. You can track people and watch what they do or who they connect with.

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