desktop goose github

Desktop Goose Github

desktop goose github

Desktop Goose is a simulation game where you can have a goose that wanders around your desktop and interacts with your open windows and other files. The game is developed by a developer called Sam Loeschen, you can find the official website here :

Desktop Goose is available on as a standalone executable for Windows and Mac, but it is not available on GitHub. However, there are several forks and clones of the game that can be found on GitHub. These forks and clones are developed by other developers and are not officially endorsed by the game’s creator, and may not be the original version of the game.

It’s important to note that using third-party version of any software can be risky, if you’re not sure of the origin, the authenticity and the reliability of the source, it’s advisable to use the official version of the software that you can download from the official website of the software.

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