Is it possible to show more than 6 languages for a repo?

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GitHub Desktop has a limit of displaying a maximum of six languages for a repository in its user interface. This limit is set to ensure a clean and concise presentation of the repository’s primary programming languages. If a repository contains more than six languages, GitHub

How to push to remote github repository from AWS (github pages)

Yes, it is possible to push files from AWS to your GitHub repository, including your GitHub Pages repository. Here’s a general outline of the steps you can follow: Set up AWS: Ensure that your AWS environment is properly configured, and you have the necessary credentials

Permanent Github Authentication

To avoid having to enter your token every time you interact with a GitHub repository in VSCodium, you can configure Git to remember your authentication state by using a credential helper. Here’s how you can set it up: 1 Open a terminal in VSCodium. 2

Can’t push files over 1 MB to GitHub

If you’re encountering issues pushing files larger than 1 MB to GitHub, it may be due to GitHub’s file size limitations. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, GitHub has a maximum file size limit of 100 MB. However, pushing files larger than 50 MB

Github Desktop Resolve Conflicts

Github Desktop Resolve Conflicts

When you try to merge or rebase branches, conflicts may occur if the same lines of code have been modified in different branches. In GitHub Desktop, you can resolve conflicts by using the built-in merge tool. Here are the steps to resolve conflicts using GitHub

Github Desktop Rebase

Github Desktop Rebase

Rebasing is a way to integrate changes from one branch into another branch. In GitHub Desktop, you can use the rebase feature to update your local branch with changes from the remote branch, and then push the updated local branch to the remote repository. Here

Github Desktop Tutorial


We can briefly show the use of Github Desktop as follows; GitHub Desktop is a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing Git repositories. It allows you to perform Git operations without using the command-line interface (CLI). This tutorial will guide you through the basics of

Github Desktop Chromebook

github desktop chromebook

GitHub Desktop is a desktop client for Git and GitHub, and it’s available for Windows and macOS. Unfortunately, it is not officially available for Chrome OS, which is the operating system used on Chromebooks. However, you can still use Git and GitHub on a Chromebook

Github Desktop Snap

github desktop

GitHub Desktop is not officially available as a snap package. Snap is a package manager for Linux that allows you to easily install and manage software on your system. It provides a way to distribute software in a self-contained and secure format, but it’s not

Github Desktop Tool

github desktop tool

GitHub Desktop is a desktop client for Git and GitHub, it’s a free and open-source tool that allows developers to manage their Git repositories and collaborate on code using a graphical user interface (GUI). It’s available for Windows and macOS. With GitHub Desktop, you can