Github Accounts for Finance coding SAS/R/Python ?

There are several GitHub accounts that specialize in finance coding using SAS, R, and Python. These accounts provide repositories with code examples, libraries, and projects related to finance and data analysis. Here are a few notable GitHub accounts you can explore: Quantopian: Quantopian is a

Turn off personal access token when pushing to GitHub

GitHub requires authentication for pushing code to repositories as a security measure. This ensures that only authorized users can make changes to the repository and helps prevent unauthorized access. However, if you want to avoid entering your credentials every time you push code to GitHub,

Parallels Desktop Github

Parallels Desktop is a virtualization software that allows you to run multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, on a single computer. It is developed by Parallels, a software company specializing in virtualization and cross-platform solutions. As for a “Parallels Desktop GitHub,” there

Github Desktop Arch Linux

github desktop arch linux

GitHub Desktop is not officially available for Arch Linux, which is a distribution of Linux that uses the Arch Linux package manager (pacman) to manage software installation. However, you can still use a similar Git GUI client on Arch Linux. Here are the steps to

Some questions and answers about Github desktop

github desktop questions and answers

How to install GitHub Desktop on Windows/Mac/Linux? How to create a new repository in GitHub Desktop? How to commit changes in GitHub Desktop? How to push changes to a remote repository in GitHub Desktop? How to resolve merge conflicts in GitHub Desktop? How to create

Github Desktop Bitbucket

Github Desktop Bitbucket

GitHub Desktop is a desktop application developed by GitHub that allows you to interact with your GitHub repositories. Bitbucket, on the other hand, is a web-based hosting service for Git and Mercurial version control systems, developed by Atlassian. While GitHub Desktop is primarily designed to

Github Desktop SSH

github desktop ssh 1

Github Desktop SSH We’ll do our example in a Windows environment. First, we install the Go app on our computer using the link address below; Since there is no point in setting up the program that we need to be aware of, we are

Multi-account use with Github Desktop

Multi-account use with Github Desktop 1

Multi-account use with Github Desktop Github is the most used version control system for open source project development. As a team, we use it for everything from project development to track and star-deliver projects we love. So if we have more than one github account,

Github Desktop Client

github desktop client

Github Desktop is the most convenient and secure solution for working in a visual interface with Go. A service that is well-known to all developers who keep their warehouses on the GitHub. This free Go GUI is transparent, open source and functional. With the Go

What is GitHub Student Developer Pack?

What is GitHub Student Developer Pack

The name of the service that Github and his partners can access developer tools from one place at no cost to students, so they can learn how to do it. In the following article we will talk about the GitHub Student Developer Pack application and

Telegram Desktop Github

telegram mac github desktop

WHAT’S A TELEGRAM? Telegram, the instant messaging app that is set up as a rival for WhatsApp, increases the number of users every day. The Telegram, which has recently emerged as Whatsapp’s biggest competitor and has already reached millions of users, continues to grow day